Welcome to Rowena!  

There is a legend in this land, my student. A legend as old as Rowena, that tells of a powerful stone created by the 6 masters of Alchemy. This miraculous stone has the ability to grant powers beyond imagination; change steel into gold, winter into summer… even grant immortality.

Seeing the stone’s potential for both good and evil, the 6 masters decided that it was far too powerful for any one person to hold, and resolved to divide the stone into pieces to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Each of the masters took a piece of the stone and sealed it away from the others.

However, knowing that the stone’s power might someday be needed, they crafted a book that held the secret locations of the pieces of the stone: “Mutus Liber,” the wordless book. Each of the 6 magical illustrations contained within provided a clue to the location of one of the 6 pieces of the stone. The legend goes that, with the aid of this book, one could find and reunite the pieces from the kingdoms of Rowena, and gain immense power.

But sadly, the book has been lost over the ages,
and the locations of the pieces with it.

Perhaps someday, my student, the book will be found. Perhaps by you…



Reginald Magnus

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